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Education & Trusted Consulting

Stay ahead of the knowledge curve with Trinity’s proactive consulting and training.

In today’s complex, constantly changing landscape of long-term care, administrators and nurses are faced with the dual challenge of managing the hundreds of details of daily resident care and reimbursements all while keeping up with the latest developments in regulations and legislation, Medicare reimbursement models, industry economics, and clinical practices. Trinity partners with long-term care organizations to provide industry expertise, education and consulting to support facilities in staying compliant, educating staff, and planning strategically for the organization’s future. Our deep industry experience, as well as our intimate knowledge of the regulatory environment and state-specific issues your organization faces, enables us to work collaboratively with you to remain informed, and develop action plans for tackling tough issues.

What we offer:

  • Consultant pharmacists who get to know your organization intimately as they work on-site to prepare comprehensive Medication Regimen Reviews (MRRs), provide survey support, actively participate in facility committees, and work collaboratively to help develop strategic paths toward improved compliance and clinical outcomes
  • On-site training and continuing education for nurses and administrative staff
  • Educational resources and reference materials, including access to the Online Clinical Pharmacology professional medication reference database

Learn more about how Trinity’s education and trusted consulting help you achieve outstanding care in your long-term organization and keep up with the trends that shape your future. Contact us to discuss how Trinity can help you achieve outstanding results.

Trinity’s Dispensing Solutions

Modernize the way your nurses pass medications to residents.

TRINITY PHARMACY SERVICES utilizes the most advanced automation equipment to dispense medication in a time passed multi dose/unit dose pillow pack or Unit Dose creditable blister card. Each dispensing option contains a barcode with all med pass critical information encrypted into the barcode. Each dispensing option includes the resident name, date, time of medication and has a description of each medication inside that packet. Each packaging option meets or exceeds current pharmacy regulations and standards of practice. Medications are dispensed for the quantity agreed upon at the time of implementation and can be customized for different levels of a care or drug class.

As an added compliment to our service, if the unit dose blister card system is chosen, Trinity provides an experienced team of cycle fill professionals who deliver and place the monthly order of routine solid medications in the medication carts. This team also performs audits to assure that medications are being stored correctly and within expiratory.

Learn more about how Trinity’s Dispensing Solutions help long-term care organizations achieve outstanding care, financial strength, and medication safety. Please contact us to learn more.

Trinity Web Portal – Real Time, Anytime

The big picture for your business: real time, anytime.

The big picture for your business: real time, anytime, with so many challenges facing long-term care today, there is more pressure than ever to increase efficiency, and make more informed decisions about drug spending, manual processes, and piles of paperwork threaten to bog down administrators and nurses making it difficult to see the big picture. Trinity’s technology portal is your exclusive resource for lower drug costs, improved efficiency, and smarter decision-making. Trinity brings together money-saving tools and real-time centralized data in a powerful, easy-to-use Web based system that’s available 24/7/365.

Portal Features:

A real-time drug utilization dashboard with:

  • Data by payer, physician, and medication, allowing drill-down into detailed data about medications costs
  • Information about non-covered Part D claims
  • Capability to manage multiple facilities centrally
  • Real-time customizable financial and clinical alerts sent via email or pager, which bring your attention to high-cost and high-risk medication prescriptions before they’re delivered
  • Electronic refills with bar-code scanning of labels
  • Real-time order tracking and management
  • Online drug pricing
  • Flexible reports on demand
  • Online Clinical Pharmacology professional medication reference database
  • Printable resident education information

Learn more about how Trinity and our other comprehensive pharmacy services can help your long-term care organization achieve financial strength.

Collaborative Guidance & Support

Trinity collaborates with your facility to provide in-depth review of pharmacy services, proactively identifying utilization and cost trends, and opportunities for quality improvement.

Our Consultant Pharmacists are experts in their fields. They have a true commitment to assuring medication safety within each of our communities. Our Account Management Team serves as the liaison between each facility and the servicing pharmacy. In addition to assistance with maintaining compliance, they serve as an important resource and mentor for your facility staff.

Learn more about how our comprehensive pharmacy services support a facility’s efforts to drive outstanding results.

Medication Safety

Our Pharmacy uses the latest in technology, including bar code scanning capabilities. Each and every prescription is viewed first by an Order Entry Technician, second by a Pharmacist, and then scanned into our paperless system while packaging the drug to assure the right drug was picked. The medication is scanned once again by the Pharmacist in a final visual check, and then one last time when being placed in the delivery tote. When scanned the actual picture of the medication is visible on the computer screen to ensure accurate medication dispensing. These safety precautions allow for our industry low 0.002 medication error rate.


TRINITY PHARMACY SERVICES is vendor certified with the leading long term care EHR companies. In addition to this we offer multiple stand-alone eMAR and CPOE software programs. Our pharmacy’s software’s platform, permits for the flexibility of allowing our facility’s the option of choosing what automation solution works best for them. Because of this, a seamless integration will be guaranteed through the assistance of Trinity Pharmacy’s experienced implementation team in preparation for your facilities eMAR go live.

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