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Trinity Pharmacy supports the most state of the art long term care pharmacy software system in the industry. This allows Trinity Pharmacy the flexibility to interface with more clinical software/CPOE/eMAR software suites than other providers. We offer solutions for every setting. One thing we don’t forget is that regardless of automation, customer service is first and foremost.

In-House Pharmacy

Fast, safe care for new long-term care admissions. Resident admissions may happen at any time of day or night, and the acuity of these new residents is steadily increasing. Even with a long-term care pharmacy provider that can expedite new admission orders and STAT orders, often you can’t get medications fast enough. Trinity offers an automated in-house pharmacy system that provides long-term care facilities with first-dose dispensing for up to 350 medications. Highly secure and easy to use, the in-house system pharmacy helps you provide the fastest, safest care to new residents. And you’re only billed for medications you use, helping you save money.

Our in-house pharmacy system features:

  • Touch-screen interface for easy use
  • Password security to limit access to medications
  • Small unit to make storage easy

Quality & Accuracy

The industry’s most precise medication dispensing and an unequaled commitment to quality relying on best-in-class technology, clinical excellence and stringent quality control from end to end, Trinity delivers medications to our customers accurately and on-time, promoting medication safety and outstanding care for residents while reducing medication waste. We’ve invested in our commitment to quality and accuracy with superior clinical expertise and the industry’s most powerful and precise, automated medication dispensing automation technology and compliance packaging. This technology verifies each unit-dose blister pack of medication multiple times throughout the dispensing cycle using 2D bar-code cameras, the only technology in long-term care that validates medications to the individual pill level. Pills are individually sealed, labeled and then packaged in the automated dispensing system. We combine our precision dispensing with rigorous quality control at each step in the order preparation and delivery process, with:

  • Bar-code scanning multiple times as orders are routed through pharmacy and are sent out for delivery.
  • Each order personally checked and verified by professional long-term care pharmacists.

Discover more about how our commitment to quality, combined with our customer service and focus on education services to help your long-term care organization achieve outstanding results. Contact us today to discuss how Trinity can partner with you to address your needs.

Superior Service – A pharmacy that’s on your side

Are you concerned that you have to trade personal, excellent service for the scale and strength of a leading long-term care pharmacy provider? At Trinity, superior customer service is the cornerstone of our comprehensive pharmacy services and culture of caring. We provide support at anytime and every level from minute-to-minute expert service to consultative, strategic planning and support to help your long-term care organization survive and thrive.

What we offer:

  • Dedicated customer service staffed by knowledgeable long-term care experts in your region who are attentive to your facility’s specific needs
  • Pharmacists available by phone 24/7/365 to answer questions
  • Collaborative guidance and support from Trinity representatives who are experienced in long-term care and serve the ongoing, on-the-ground needs of long-term care facilities
  • Consultant pharmacist who provide hands-on, extensive support with Medication Regimen Reviews (MRRs) and advise facilities and practitioners on improving clinical outcomes, minimizing medication-related risks, and lowering costs
  • Billing representatives who work closely with facilities’ billing offices to ensure proper census management and accurate bills

With Trinity, you get the best of both worlds: the high-touch approach of a local pharmacy combined with the power, expertise and vision of an innovative pharmacy partner. Contact us to discuss how Trinity can deliver superior service to your long-term care organization to help you achieve outstanding results.

Transition Services

Seamless pharmacy conversion through highly detailed implementation from an experienced team converting to a new long-term care pharmacy provider can feel like an overwhelming endeavor. Based on our experience transitioning thousands of beds, Trinity has developed a highly disciplined transition plan that makes starting up on our comprehensive pharmacy services virtually hassle-free. We assign you an account manager who becomes your staff’s dedicated point of contact throughout the transition. An all-inclusive implementation plan and your account manager’s personal attention to detail ensure that issues are addressed proactively and each necessary step is executed on time.


  • Detailed implementation plan documenting each step of the transition
  • Collaborative capturing and implementation of each facility’s preferences for medication cart setup, delivery times, dispensing system and more
  • Multiple staff in-services prior to go-live

Contact us to learn more about how we can work closely with you to develop a smooth conversion plan so you can begin benefiting from Trinity’s solutions for outstanding results.

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